Mental health awareness

Why is Mental Health Awareness Necessary?

We always carry a bag of mental stress with us, and when our mental stability is not proper, we start fighting with people and reacting to situations where we don’t want to. My team leader always used to say that “never react to any situation, just respond to that.” 

Because whenever your mind is unstable you just react without understanding anything. And after passing a period, you may feel regret for taking unnecessary action in the past, and you live with that regret in your life. Meanwhile, you also start blaming yourself for taking those actions.  

As per the report, “One in four adults in America, or roughly 26% of those age 18 and older, have a diagnosable mental condition each year.”

As a result, focusing on improving your mental health is necessary, it will not only make you good or make your day happy, but it will also help you to focus on the things which matter to you in your life. 

Types of mental illness 

Depression, stress, and anxiety can all have an impact on our mental health and disrupt our daily lives.

Let’s understand some of the main mental conditions. 

#1.  Mood disorder: 

Mood swings are normal from time to time and situation to situation, but when they negatively impact your daily routine, it may be a sign of a more serious problem that needs to be addressed and you should seek help from mental health professionals.

#2. Anxiety disorder: 

We all go through anxiety disorder once in our life, It is the most common mental illness.   

Everyone has something that fears or panics them from doing certain actions, and they try to avoid those exposures that trigger their anxiety.   

People with anxiety disorder experience regular anxiety attacks which also open the door to bad habits like smoking. Many people think that smoking can reduce stress but that is not true.   

#3. Personality disorder: 

Personality disorder refers to the patterns of thinking, behavior, and other things an individual faces. 

It defines who we are as an individual. However, traits like attitude, thoughts, and behavior can also be expressed in our interaction with others, and also noticed. 

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Why is taking care of mental health important? 

Mental health issues seem to be very unnoticeable. Because it is invisible, an individual does not observe their own actions and feelings. 

For instance, you have a fear of public speaking, and whenever there is a chance to speak, you try to avoid it. But, deep down you know somewhere in your mind that this thing causes you anxiety, and you need to come out of it. 

That is something that triggers you to focus on improving your mental health issues. 

Taking care of mental health is as necessary as eating food for survival. If you avoid it, it will impact your health. Stress is also one of the causes of hair loss. In addition, day by day the situation becomes worse for you. You go through certain mental illnesses and suddenly your life path changes.  

Meanwhile, it also disturbs your daily life and you can’t live the life you want. 

How to improve mental health

We always take the help of healthcare experts like psychologists, when the situation becomes worse. 

However, healthcare experts can help you to improve your mental issues through psychotherapy sessions and treating patients on how to manage their symptoms.   

As a result, it will make you feel good and support you to come out of your mental condition. 

But today, I am going to share with you some other solutions that keep you far from mental illness problems, and implementing them in your daily life, will help you not get trapped in a mental condition. 

#1. Meditation: 

Meditation plays a productive role in improving your mental health condition. However, making it a habit will be most effective.


As a result, practicing it in your daily life will lower stress, feel relaxed, and also it will enhance your physical and emotional well-being.  

#2. Exercise:

Exercise not only shapes your body but also relieves your mental health issues. 

However, exercise like walking, jumping, swimming, dancing, and yoga, is proven to be helpful in repairing mental health illness. 

Implementing it in your daily life will keep your body parts like your brain active and help to stay focused. 

#3. Reading books: 

Reading books will keep you positively charged and motivated throughout the day and also keep you focused on your life goals, it can change your mindset and improve your thinking process which will lead to a change in your behavior.  

#4. Avoid thinking unnecessarily: 

We all are trapped in an overthinking loop somewhere. We make our situation more complex by thinking unnecessarily. 

As per the experts, “We have more than 50,000+ thoughts in our mind per day and 70-80 percent are negative thoughts from them.” 

The reason being is that we think more of one particular situation. So “don’t overanalyze the situation” just go with the flow. 

#5. Consuming good food: 

We all know that consuming food is a basic necessity of human life but there is a difference between consuming good food and bad food. 

Foods like Junk foods can impact an individual’s mental health. And eating a lot of junk food may also increase the risk of depression and anxiety.

As a result, consuming foods like fruits, green vegetables, and dry fruits can help you to improve your mental health. 

How can technology become a helping hand?

Technology has become the frontline in a mental health guide. It also helps patients and doctors to connect virtually. and also improve the healthcare ecosystem.   

Apps like the yoga app, meditation app, and exercise app trigger an individual to perform activities and support in building good habits. 

Because this app has some dynamic features for reminding to perform those activities. As a result, technology can help to monitor and take necessary action to improve mental health conditions.  

Final words: 

Before improving your mental health. Being aware of your current mental health conditions is necessary. And taking certain action to improve it is also required. 

“Mental health is not a destination, but a process. It’s about how you drive, not where you are going.”

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