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Top 5 Exercise Apps: Why to Use Apps For Exercise?

Today, the world is fighting against dangerous diseases like COVID-19. It makes us aware of the fact that humans are going to deal with many other challenges like COVID-19 in the future. 

This scenario teaches a lot of lessons to us that we have to always be aware of future threats. And we should be prepared for that situation. 

It’s an era of diseases. There is no doubt that such kinds of diseases may occur in the future, and maybe they would be stronger than COVID-19. 

The only thing that is going to save us in that circumstance is our own body, our own immune system. The more we are fit and healthy it will be easy to tackle those diseases. 

Exercise is also good for a happy and healthy lifestyle. In order to be fit and healthy, doing exercise is important for the skin, hair, and mental health.

But, building a habit of doing regular exercise is the bigger challenge for an individual. 

As a result, these apps can help you to form a habit and maintain your exercise performance using their different features.    

So, let’s see which apps can help you in your exercise journey. 

5 Best Apps For Exercise  

These Apps are supportive and useful in daily routine exercise. Apps are a good form of building habits. 

However, using technology in the right way will always benefit us. These apps can guide you in your exercise journey and support you to maintain your physical health as well as mental health.  

Every app has its own benefits. You can compare these apps based on their features and as per your needs and requirements. 

#1. Nike training club: 

Operating system:IoS, Android, and desktop
Nike training club
Image Credit: Apps. apple

Why we choose it: 

Since COVID-19 Nike has kept its content available for free to help out people fit while staying at home during the pandemic. 

While exploring the Nike training club we found that most of the users like to work out live with Nike trainers which they called workout on demand. 

The coolest feature of Nike is its customized workout suggestions. 

After downloading the app, Nike takes a quiz test for understanding the user requirement, and then it suggests customized workouts based on the result of the quiz. 


  • Customized workouts
  • Free to use 
  • Multiple features
  • Live workout 
  • Warmups and cooldown included 


  • Trainers may not match 
  • Consumes large storage 
  • Not able to play your own music while streaming classes 

#2 Peloton: 

Operating system:IoS, Android, and desktop
Price:$12.99 per month 
Peloton app
Image Credit: Peloton

Why we choose it: 

Peloton allows users to work out in real-time with expert instructions. You can even buy Peloton digital workout products like Peloton bike, tread, guide, and Peolotn row. 

These are highly expensive but beneficial smart exercises. But if you can’t afford a Peloton bike or tread you can use an app instead. 

The app offers a wide range of exercises but with Peloton digital app you can access workouts from training and HIIT(high-intensity interval training).

There is an end number of classes carried out by instructors and one can even attain live classes as well. In terms of features, it is difficult to get bored because it has various access facilities while attending a class. 

Even though one can attain multiple classes together so you can effectively work out. 


  • High customer satisfaction rate 
  • More than 600000+ 4.9 rating reviews on the apple app store
  • Cycling and treadmill classes 
  • Various accessibility like music playlist 
  • Classes duration from 7-75 minutes


  • Peloton bikes and treadmills are Too expensive. 
  • Some classes can be harder for beginners 

#3 Sweat

Operating system:IoS, Android, and desktop
Price:$20 per month 
Image Credit: Sweat

Why we choose it: 

Sweat is personally designed for women. Classes are also led by female professional coaches. 

There is a vast range of workouts for beginners to advance. It has a 7-day free trial and then you can access the library of workouts. 

In addition, Sweat has the biggest community of women with shareable content and user-friendly. 

Programs are structured for every woman from pregnant women to girls looking to gain weight. 


  • All female instructors 
  • Energetic workout designed for all women 
  • You can switch programs easily and take on-demand classes 
  • The workouts are also compatible with apple watch 


  • There is no free version of the app

#4 Glo: 

Operating system:IoS, Android, and desktop
Price:$24 per month 
Image Credit: Glo 

Why we choose it: 

If you are a lover of yoga or doing yoga exercise is included in your daily routine then Glo is the best place to explore. 

The app includes more than 5000+ on-demand classes. The best feature of Glo is you can even download the video if you have missed it. 

In addition, the app has 16 different variants of style class thought by experienced instructors. 

However, the app also includes personalized recommendations which are suggested after downloading the app by answering the quiz. 


  • Integrated with apple watch 
  • Classes styled for all skill levels 
  • Wifi not required
  • More than 5000+ on-demand classes 
  • Videos can be Download offline


  • Android users reported issues of lacking

#5. My Fitness Pal

Operating system:IoS and Android
Price:$10 per month 
My fitness Pal
Image Credit: My fitness Pal 

Why we choose it: 

My fitness Pal is not only a workout app but also has a massive food database of more than 11 million foods, including a restaurant logger. 

The app has easy-to-use tracking tools, a library of workouts, and the ability to connect several other apps as well. 

In addition, The app keeps a record of your whole day’s intake of meal activity which includes calorie intake, protein intake, and so on which helps you evaluate how much food you are consuming per day. And how effective is it for your health? 

However, it also helps you in achieving your personal health goals. 


  • Includes a database of over 11 million food 
  • Tracks all your intake meal activities 
  • Customization based on health goals 
  • Connected to many other apps 


  • Need to purchase a full monthly package for access to all services
  • Track services may not be accurate

How to Choose The Best Workout App?

it’s quite obvious that you are not gonna use all apps. So which app should you choose for your daily workout? 

Well, we have tips for you on how to choose a workout app. 

Step 1: Set up a daily routine for workouts

Step 2:  Start with small things

Step 3: Understand your physical condition and decide your health goals. 

Step 4: Underline your needs and requirement as per your health goals

Step 5: Note down the features you want in your app which aligns with your fitness goal 

Step 6: Finalize the money you can spend to buy a subscription model of the app 

Step 7: Finally, choose the app which sets to all the steps we discuss

If you are beginners then start with doing small exercise, plan your routine, and use free apps in the beginning. Once you build up the habit of doing exercise regularly then move forward to the paid apps.


Although, starting to do regular exercise should be the priority of the fitness goal. 

However, apps can help you to form habits of workout and trigger you to maintain your daily routine of exercise. 

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