Write for us

Creative Space has a different vision in regard to write for us. Our mission is to create a writer’s community where every writer can improve and enhance their skills. We invite highly passionate writers to contribute to our blogs and reach a large number of audiences and get feedback on your content.

Guest Post Guidelines:

The topic we are looking for:

  • Technology
  • SEO
  • Health
  • Health-Tech

Content guidelines:

  • Articles should be minimum of 1000 words.
  • If it is found plagiarized then it would be rejected immediately. You have to send original content
  • Avoid spelling mistakes(use Grammarly)
  • No promotional content is allowed only informational content would be accepted
  • Casino, drugs, tobacco, gambling, or other unwanted content is strictly prohibited
  • Add all the statistical source links.
  • 1 do-follow quality link allowed
  • Add at least 2 images (Provide a link to the image where it is downloaded)
  • You can not publish the article once it is published in Creative Space.

The formatting should be on point. The post should follow a good structure and have appropriate headings and subheadings. Your post should look visually appealing and good formatting can help with it.

Submit your content here at info.teamgroovy@gmail.com Keep the subject “Guest post