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Creative Space is always in search of genuine content writers, who want to upskill themselves. Creative Space has a different vision in regards to “write for us” about technology, business, health tech, and healthcare. Our mission is to create a writer’s community where every writer can connect with each other, get better opportunities, and enhance their skills. Therefore we invite highly passionate writers to contribute to our blogs reach a large number of audiences and get feedback on your content because that is how you will grow.

We also help marketers find suitable websites for paid guest posting for their campaigns with several benefits. We have more than 100+ websites in our portfolio from across different categories.

“Whether you are a writer or marketer, if you are a lover of guest posting then Creative Space is the best place to express your love.” – Tirth Patel (Founder & Author)

Here Are The Terms For Free Guest Posting– Write for us Technology, Business, Health-tech, and Healthcare

The topic we are looking for:

Guidelines for writing the content:

  • No AI-generated content (written by human intelligence, not ChatGPT, If it is found plagiarized then it will be rejected immediately)
  • Articles should be a minimum of 1000 words.
  • Avoid spelling mistakes(use Grammarly)
  • No promotional content is allowed only informational content will be accepted
  • Casino, drugs, tobacco, gambling, or other unwanted content is strictly prohibited
  • Add all the statistical source links.
  • 1 do-follow quality link allowed
  • Add at least 2 images (Provide a link to the image where it is downloaded)
  • Willingness to bring other passionate writers to write content for free. You can bring new content writers to practice their skills. 
  • You can not publish the article once it is published in Creative Space.

The formatting should be on point. The post should follow a good structure and have appropriate headings and subheadings. Your post should look visually appealing and good formatting can help with it.

What benefits you will receive? 

  • Get 2 Do-follows on 5 guest posts
  • Other Referral sites with high DA and PA where you can post your content for free
  • Get paid for bringing paid guest post contributors
  • Creative Space community access after becoming a regular contributor

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